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Hello guys!

I'm going to Anime north this year.

I will be selling High res version of art posters that are posted online or the prints that I haven't posted yet.

My table is B 17!!  I will see you soon! : )
Hello all!

I will be attending Fanexpo 2016 in Toronto convention centre.

My booth number is A437!

If you are going there, stop by at my booth and check out what I have! : )
I will be going to LA Anime expo in this July 1-4! I will be selling High resolution one piece posters there!

My seat is located at H26! see you there! 

I will update map of anime expo and my table highlighted as soon as possible.  : )

I will be going to LA Anime expo in this July 2-5! I will be selling all these one piece posters there! I hope I can see some friendly faces soon enough : )

My seat is located at C1! see you there! 
Hello all!

This is it!

My table for Anime north 2015 is C12 (I posted map with red marks on it.)

I will be sharing table with :iconnecosanma:

I will be selling one piece posters including all those new ones! see you there!

Hi Everyone!
I will be attending Anime Expo 2014 at the Los Angeles Convention Center on July 3-6 with :iconnecosanma:

I will be selling 4 new posters this time along with some of my older ones.
Drop by and chat if you will be around! : )
My table is at D 72. You can find my table in the map below.…

Hi everyone. Unfortunately I did not get the table for the Anime north 2014. bummer...T.T

My partner and I both are looking for people who can share tables at the Anime North convention this year.

Please Please let me know if you know anyone!!

So I went to Animenorth first time in my life. It was very exciting and at the same time nervous. I shared table with my girlfriend :iconnecosanma:
I was busy at the moment so I didn't have a lot of poster but 6 of onepiece pinups that I made after I got notice from Animenorth.
I quite enjoyed being there and shall try another Con as well. Of course, with better and a lot more posters : )
My friends :iconjimbobox: :iconquirkilicious: :iconr-trigger: were also there.
17-18th of september at place bonaventure Montreal Comicon! I'll post my table number once i get it. I'll be sharing a table with :iconjimbobox: